Solar Energy Saving Solutions

Mass insulation only slows down heat transfer. Ultramax combines R-Value with a dual reflective shield that reflects 97% of the heat that it comes in contact with.

One Layer of Ultra Max is equal to Over 15
of Additional Fiberglass Insulation
Reflective Attic Insulation

Guaranteed Energy Savings of 25% and Eligible for
30% Federal Tax Credit in 2010!

What is a Radiant Barrier?
Radiant Barriers were actually first used in residential and commercial buildings in the 1920's. The value of reflecting radiant energy was next realized by, NASA in the 1960's with the development of the space suit. Reflecting sunlight away from an astronaut in space while facing the sun and reflecting body heat back into the suit when facing temperatures reaching 200 degrees allowed the astronauts to be able to work outside the space craft without freezing or burning up. Unfortunately the technology or nature of the product has not changed in almost 90 years.

One of the main problems with radiant barriers is that they have no R-value. No thermal core means they are not as thermally efficient as a multi-layer thermal reflective insulation such as Ultramax. Energy Star certifies that Radiant Barriers have no R-value.

Why is Ultramax Multi-layer Thermal Reflective Insulation a Better Choice than a Radiant Barrier?
Developed in 2005, Ultramax has quickly become the standard in multi-layer reflective insulation. The primary goal in the creating this product was to use radiant reflective technology in conjunction with a fiberglass thermal core that could help prevent conduction while still allowing air and moisture to pass through it.

The Ultramax thermal super core produced by Johns Manville has an ASTM certified R-value of 11.6 and qualifies for the Federal Energy Tax Credit. The super core passes all IECC guidelines to qualify as an attic insulaton.

Today we know that radiation is the single most significant source of heat loss & heat gain in a home. Click graph for larger version.


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*Calculations based on an estimated 5% increase per year in annual utility costs

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